Services open & still online

Die Bron Willowbridge

Die Bron services are open for 100 people per service according to lockdown regulations under Level 1 lockdown – Sundays 08.00, 10.00 and Invasion 17.00. Services will also be online on Sundays at 08.00 – youtube and 10.00 – facebook. Only by registration – www.itickets.co.za

FIRE KIDS are also opening more classes and all Gr 1 – 7 learners are welcome to join us, registration also needed


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Past Events


Christmas Service

25 December 2020

Because our physical services are closed, our Christmas service will take place online on facebook - www.facebook.com/diebronkerk on25 Desember at 10.00. The Christmas production will be postponed till a later date.


Online ministry

8 March 2021

Although our services are opening again, there are still ministry online, have a look here for more detail.


Hou aan aanhou

8 March 2021

I am sharing a rough draft of my book - Hou aan aanhou, only available for the time of the lockdown. It is full of Word that brought me so much healing and hope - Rhona Kieswetter


Worship Evening

18 March 2020

This event is cancelled due to new laws regarding big public gatherings. Please check our facebook for online services!